How Do These Work?

JUL leather made-in-the-USA closures are unique and unusual so their use is not self-evident. The first generation of screw-in closures came out in 2011 and we have been launching new designs ever since. But their innovative function and form - their removeability and moveability - make them singular within the industry. No one else is creating garment and accessory closures with the same flexibility and creative potential as those created by JUL Designs. If you are coming to these closure designs for the first time they may be bewildering. What are they? How do they work? How would I even use that? JUL closures allow you to think outside of the conventional button box. You don't need pre-planned holes or loops. You don't have to commit. But even knowing this doesn't give us a sense of some of the exciting ways you can use closures in combination with screw-in Pedestal Button Styling Tacks. So we are helping you out. We have begun a series of instructional videos to show you how the closures work and to give you ideas about how you can make the most of their creative potential. Click each image below to see the video

How to Use JUL Pedestal Button Styling Tacks

How to Use JUL Pedestal Button Styling Tacks

How to Use a JUL Designs Screw-in Closure

How to Use a JUL Screw-in Closure

How to Style with JUL Pedestal Button Styling Tacks & Screw-in Closures

How to Style with Pedestal Buttons & Screw-in Closures

How to Use the Minimalist Symmetrical Snap Hinge